The Art of Business Card Design

A business card is a road map to chance, and finding your right job. It might lead you to your dream career, a business venture, or just help your organization make money. Think of a scenario where you have got your media pants on and you are seeking to benefit your company by making contacts. Suddenly, you notice somebody that might be a possible client. What should you do? You introduce yourself and explain what you do, but at some point, you will have to hand off your contact info. A business card saves you time and makes you look professional. You are not fumbling around with a pencil to scribble your email address on a cocktail napkin, and you also give them a feeling that this is not your first rodeo, and that you truly mean business.

However, I recently got my first ever, personalised business card due the launch of our exciting new service brand for Truly Deeply. Up till this point I have been representing myself in meetings with no business card, presuming my nature and layouts skills would carry the day; however the difference is wonderful. A business card is nothing short of an essential first contact when meeting a client, or anybody else you are likely to do business with for the first time. It is a reflection of you and your brand, through trustworthiness and personality. Additionally, it has a lasting role as a reminder for customers of who you are and what place you have got within a business.

Here are some of our important strategies on the art of business card layout.

  1. First Impressions Count

Business cards are an effective instrument to reflect your companies and private brand. If meeting a prospective client, it is all about first impressions, even down to the tiny details like your business card. Research in the US revealed that the perception of the quality of the company and its products and services after a first meeting were directly affected by the quality of the card, the print design, as company cards were exchanged. You know what they say; ‘you only get one chance to create a fantastic first impression.’

  1. Limitless Possibilities

There are a tonne of things to take under account when designing a business card. You have got endless possibilities in card manufacturing and complete with customised shapes, die-cuts, spot UV, embossing, matte finishing, card substance (paper/wood/metal), paper texture and paper weight. This list of choices must be carefully considered when designing a business card.

As an example, you could use special printing from a place called Dinkums print design to create metallic foil on the whole face of the company card. This can be integrated as a marketing and communications consultancy tactic, to focus on fashion. The staff can then be viewed as happy, lively and on trend, offering a massive assortment of integrated services such as brand management, strategic and retail advertising, event management, creative services and promotion. You can make business cards reflect your market proposal of fashionable, premium and lively, in an easy and sophisticated way. You may want your company card to have gold foil printed on curios touch paper for a premium feel. As a finish and paper stock, this card may be more expensive than others, but what better way to project a premium picture through print design?

  1. Particular

Having a business card is a good device to have when networking and socializing at events. The true leveraging power of a terrific business card comes out of a business card that is truly unique, with proper contact information, and design. A business card should not be the same as every other; try to be unique with your design, style, and layout when creating your business card. After all, you really do have to stand out of the crowd when networking and passing you business card out left, right, and center. If you are having trouble designing a business card, perhaps hire a designer who can tend to your needs for your business cards, and which can be personalized just for you.

  1. You Get What You Pay For

You get what you pay for when it comes down to purchasing, and designing a business card. An effort to save money with this communications tool will almost always deliver a picture for you and your company that looks less than professional. Your business card is an important expression of your brand and it needs to be made by professionals who take the time to understand what your brand stands for. Importantly it ought to be made by someone capable of distributing your desired brand positioning into a 55mm x 90mm piece of powerful brand communication that can easily identify your business.

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