The Mathematician, Fitness Trainer, Artist

Meet Nalini Roshell Singh, the art-loving fitness trainer who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Stats. The uncommon mix reveals Singh’s multitalented side. Nevertheless, her ability does not end there as she is also an inspirational speaker, a year 8 to 12 maths tutor and is presently waiting for placement as a secondary school Mathematics teacher.

Mt Hope’s Art Society gala hung Singh’s impressive art work in Port of Spain. Her 7 paintings and 9 mini paintings on shells were on display. Without any official training in the field, Singh draws inspiration from practically anything. She credits YouTube and experimentation as her tutors for painting, this paired with her desire to reveal her innovative and creative side.
Speaking to the Express, Singh mentioned how her messing around in the world of paint very first started. Singh stated the paintings all started 3 years earlier after a heartbreak left her with the need to express herself. Discovering a canvas and paint, she produced her very first piece, the Big Ben in London, England.

Nevertheless, doodling in the world of art has actually been something Singh has been doing for years. She stated that instead of getting into her basketball shorts on the weekend and going out to play with friends, she “doodled” before her teenage years but suppressed her creative side. With 46 art pieces currently on offer, Singh is well on her way to developing and offering more breathtakingly stunning pieces. She invested into the art as a business as she was able to explore and reveal her enthusiasm to sketch and paint. She ultimately registered a business called Roshell’s Art.” All my art narrates. I discover especially mini pieces enchanting. I want to have other artists review my work since there is still that importance in an exchange of understanding where I can learn and establish my abilities to become a much better artist,” stated Singh.

Singh also contributes her whimsical pieces to the Paediatric Department at the Mt Hope Medical facility. She stated that doing this makes her feel happy knowing that her art work can comfort an ailing kid. Singh uses more than a paint brush to produce her splendid pieces, as she also uses a pallet knife to develop a distinct aspect to her work.
She stated that when she paints she pays attention to inspirational videos from YouTube, as it helps develop her self-confidence, produces brand-new ways of motivation and helps build her public speaking. Singh was incredibly thankful for the interest in her work from Mt Hope Art Society and the Trinidad and Tobago Art Society.

When it comes to physical fitness and being a personal workout trainer, Singh is a qualified International Sports Conditioning Association (ISCA) trainer where she can work anyone in the world within this field. She stated that she has constantly been interested in personal interval training outdoors and aims to promote a healthy way of life to herself and others. Singh stated that she has always excelled at Mathematics so it was just natural for her to pursue her tertiary research studies in the field at the University of the West Indies in St. Augustine.

When it comes to being an inspirational speaker, Singh is presently in a Toastmasters program where she is finding out more on being a speaker. She hopes to take school trips where she can talk with kids in their youth basketball uniforms and encourage and motivate them towards a much better life and in making ideal options for life, even in basketball. This desire originates from Singh’s past. She made particular reference of her grandma, Sudaye Boodhoo who imparted important life lessons upon Singh, which she continues to use in her life. She stated that her life was never ever a simple one but with the assistance of her grandma, she has had the ability to succeed.
“My grandma was the one who looked after me. She taught me the worth of making a sincere dollar and I understood the significance of sacrifice from her. Despite the fact that she has passed away about 9 years now, all of what she taught me remains. I will always be grateful to her. She provided me a sense of spirituality which I treasure. All that I am and all that I plan to be I devoted to my precious grandma,” stated Singh.

She said she was told a quote, one which she keeps in her mind as a source of inspiration for herself. “The significance of life is to find your gift and the purpose of life is to give it away,” she stated. When it comes to her future plans, Singh intends to immerse herself in art, physical fitness and become an inspirational speaker full-time. She stated: “Exactly what presses me is to, do exactly what I need to do up until I can do exactly what you wish to do.”

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