How Do You Select, Frame & Hang Up Your Artwork Like A Pro?


First of all, let it be stated that art does not have to be pushed behind glass nor framed. It can take the form of a sculpture, canvas, macrame, or even a kid’s drawing taped to the wall amongst lots of other formations in art hanging systems.

However, when it concerns choosing it and searching for the most effective place to hang it, think about the room’s color palette. Colour is a very emotive force and can set the mood for space.

I often use art as a focal point for other ornamental choices in a space, such as picking one color from within the body of the artwork itself and referencing it back with soft home furnishings or other decorative items for optimal effect. This will make space and area feel linked and thought about.

The art world has actually taken off with an option of late, and aside from galleries, try Etsy, flea markets, vintage poster stores, as well as gift stores to purchase. If it hits you in between the eyes or talks to you in a language too difficult to ignore, it is indicated to be on your wall.

picture hangers


Framing your art is an essential consideration that can make or break the general look you are aiming to achieve, not to mention keep the work protected from an archival viewpoint.

For limited-edition prints, “float” framing is one of my preferred techniques– the works adhere with tape to the back of the frame, for this reason, the look of “floating” within the frame itself. Easy birch wood frames are an efficient way to set off the work without removing from it, however again this is a case of individual taste. Sometimes a white or black frame might suit the wall better.

Canvas works with a shadow-box frame likewise look “ended up” and thought about.


Hanging art can be quite a science, especially if clustering a gallery wall. Prior to you take hammer and nail to the wall, measure up the art and utilize masking tape to simulate the sizes and shape of the pieces on the wall in position. Then take a step back to guarantee it feels spatially right and at eye level. Thinking doesn’t cut it, and you don’t wish to be banging more holes in walls than necessary.

If you rent and are not able to hammer nails, attempt the 3M hooks from hardware shops– they are fabulous, can be found in a range of weight-bearing capacities, and don’t mark the walls with picture hangers.

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