Perks that come with working in a stadium

Have you ever thought of how it feels to work in a stadium? Besides the games, concerts, and showcases that its workers could watch for free, and the free tanning service they get, what could be the other perks of working in a stadium and its events? Let’s take a look:

  1. Healthy skin and cell oxygenation.

You’ll get exposure to sunlight that gets your Vitamin D activated. This is quite necessary for iron absorption. Iron is a component in the hemoglobin, it’s what makes your blood red, which carries oxygen to the parts of the body. If you have a sufficient amount of Vitamin D produced in the body, your body gets efficient oxygenation keeping the cells of your body healthy.

  1. The hourly rate is good.

Though most of the jobs come by season, an hourly rate is given justice. Unfortunately, full-time employees are prioritized over part-time ones. This makes it hard to complete a 20-hour/week when it’s peak season which is the summer season because the hiring rate increased. Many are willing to apply for a part-time job. This makes it possible for the stadium to cut costs since part-time contracts don’t need to put in extensive health benefits, holiday/leave entitlement, or retirement plans.

  1. Free entertainment/Potential Passive Income Earner.

Who doesn’t love sports? Most especially if your work includes working at the very venue of it. Whether you’re a guest flow ambassador, a VIP doorman, or a hot dog vendor, you have access to the best seat in the house. And you know every detail that happens every minute. This could serve you best if you’re the type that keeps a record of experiences.

Working in the kitchen

  1. It’s an easy job for a good hourly rate.

There’s no educational attainment needed in working in a stadium. This makes it perfect for those who prefer working for experience only or to get an extra income while you study. All that you should have is a pleasing personality, a whole lot of patience and the ability to lead when directing a whole lot of people.

  1. It’s seasonal.

Because this job may come in per season, there’s a lot of leeways to plan out your year. This type of job should be considered temporary while you go for what you want. For the time being that you need money coming in, pursuing something bigger, make the most out of working in a stadium as it doesn’t require that much of intellectual investment. It just needs your presence.

  1. It gives you a lot of time to think while training to be a people person.

There are different kinds of people that you’d meet in a stadium. There’s also a lot of circumstances you could learn from while keeping an eye to the audience with that much variety in culture. But it’s interesting to see them all behave with one intention, to cheer on their team.

  1. It’s inspirational.

Any place, any circumstance, anybody, or anything, could be a source of inspiration. Seeing from your perspective could be a specific niche you could use if you want to write a book. You get to teach future employees of the guide to the dos and don’ts, while on and off the job. You may write about the game that you watch. And you may write about the stadium that you are working for.

One of the usual reasons a person chooses to stay employed is because of the benefits his job gives him. Besides the net salary that pays the dues, the medical benefits, the 401(k)s, there are those perks that come with the job itself. Having the best of both worlds, getting paid and enjoying your favourite sport, concert, or showcase is perceived rewarding at the end of the day.

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